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Truck Leasing

Truck leasing has been part of the BEI business  since the 60's, with some of our current lease customers dating back to that time. If leasing a truck is of interest to you, we can move you into a Kenworth, Peterbuilt, or one of your choice.  We provide free maintenance to our lease customers and offer 3-5 year leases.

Lease Customer Review


- Stan Bernard, Former CEO of PAX Corrugated Products, Inc.

"In the fifty-three years I have been involved in the packaging industry I have worked with hundreds of co-workers, customers, and suppliers. To be successful in any business you need all three of these groups working together towards a common goal. Given all of these three come together and products are completed, the process does not end until the customer receives delivery of their goods."

It is difficult to put an exact date on my first meeting with Mr. Benedict but I believe it was 1975 and my business partner at that time had contracted for tractor/trailer rolling stock with Mr. Benedict. Ten years later our company was sold but we continued our relationship. Nearly forty years have gone by since Arnold and I first met Mr. Benedict. Co-workers, customers, and suppliers have changed during this time. Thousands of orders have been received, produced and delivered. Not one delivery has been missed due to unreliable rolling stock supplied by Mr. Benedict."

"I guess one might be asked what they most want in a relationship be it business, family, or friends. I believe what most want can be summed up with one word, 'comfort'."

"He never walked in to my office in an unpleasant mood, sat down without being offered a chair, always confirmed he was doing all he could do to help us, and never ended a conversation or meeting without thanking us for our business. Nearly forty years of  saying what you will do and doing what you said without missing a beat is 'comforting'. BEI has played a major role in the success of our business for many years. We look forward to many more years working together.